October 2, 2009

London Part 1: People

Welcome to my very first serious photoblog everyone!

Not too long ago, I went to London for a few days so I will start this blog with photos of my trip. For my first post I decided to focus on street photos, more will come soon.

What I loved the most about London is its people. Their style is very eclectic and can differ very much according to where you are. From the business man in suit in the "city" to the punky hipster in Soho, there is always something to look at.
What's even more fascinating is that the style of people that surround you act like imaginary borders for each neighborhood thus splitting the city in different categories. Each neighborhood has its own feel that leads to a fashion style. The following photos were for instance taken in the very hype and artsy neighborhood of Shoreditch (Eastern London).

Right in front of the Westminster Palace, this guy was standing alone, demonstrating against the war in Irak and apparently many other things. He was alone, it was both powerful and confusing.

Some lonely feel in front of a Starbucks near Bricklane.


JamesD said...

I saw the England graffiti too, wonder if it was in the same place or if somebody is going around town writing it everywhere:


Marilyn M. said...

Oh wow, it sure looks like it's the same?! I don't even remember exactly where it was because we just stopped there to take a bus. We walked from Regent's Park to the west and it was close to a bus station. Does it ring a bell?

Thanks for sharing your photo! :)

Marilyn M. said...

Sorry I meant walked towards the East...! But I think it's the same one, judging from the aspect of the wall. Plus mine was taken mid September, so it makes sense that yours started to fade away.

JamesD said...

Yes, that does sound like it's in the same place, I was on Highgate Road, sounds like you were around that way too, very near to Regents Park. Small world eh?

Marilyn M. said...

It is indeed a very small world! Again, thanks for sharing! :)

Camille said...

La dernière est juste géniale...

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