October 4, 2009

London Part 2: Chinatown

During my first day visiting London, I accidentally ended up in Chinatown. Despite my very tight sight-seeing schedule, I spent hours in the neighborhood, amazed by all the bright colors, smells and Asian architecture. Every time I am in a big city I have the same feeling when I am in the Chinatown district: it is like entering in a whole new country, and the weird thing about it, is that it feels so real.

Unfortunately for me, most of the time I spent in Chinatown the weather was forecast and since I only used a tiny compact camera (Panasonic DMC-TZ5) during that trip, most of my photos ended up dull or blurry. But despite that, I really like some of them and I've grown to accept their technical imperfections.

Just like in the rest of the city, peculiar fashion style or stylish people are much common also in Chinatown.

Or women wearing more traditional clothes.

The following photo is the illustration of what Henri Cartier Bresson called the "decisive moment", a concept that I strongly agree with and love experiencing. The "decisive moment" is the fact that you know the precise moment when to press the shutter release because you feel something great is going to happen. The Asian man on the right was walking and suddenly stopped for one second to open his newspaper. Fortunately I was waiting patiently, camera in hand (frustrated not to be placed somewhere else) for something to happen. I knew some kind of interaction was meant to happen with this lady; and my intuition was right. This is one of the many reasons why I love photography so much!

Finally, I'm sure those pandas are quite important to them because they were everywhere.


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