January 26, 2010

Wait for the signal

After almost 3 weeks of our fields and landscapes being covered by a white blanket of snow, we finally saw some green last week-end. It was like rediscovering grass. Those shades of green warmed up my never-accustomed-to-pure-white eyes and brought to my soul a sense of rebirth, some kind of an early Spring.

Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for us and reminded us that we are still indeed in January. It snowed a bit today and starting on Thursday, the currently much hated white flakes will be back full-time... because I will say this: when going to work becomes a nightmare and the how-to part of it a source of anxiety, I start to hate snow to guts. Narrowing your ambition to not take a day-off because you're stuck at home can be very frustrating...

Until then... I'll wait for the white/iced signal...


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