February 11, 2010

The snowed-in train station

I'm far from doing what I first had in mind when we started to be snowed in. I wanted to post all the photos I took, on some particular theme or at least in a smart way. Other than that, life has taken control over me and I'm forced to post a few pics (well one pic) now and then for lack of more time to be witty in my blogging... I will get better at this blogging-regularly concept.

This the tiny train station in my village. No trains have been stopping here for more than 10 years (maybe more) that's how tiny it is. The signal you see in the foreground is not the same as the photo photo on my previous post, but it is a train signal too. For those who are not from France and don't know what it it, this signal blinks red when a train is coming, so that cars know they have to stop before the automatic barriers block the road.