April 10, 2010

Vancouver: One Year Later

Part 1 of photos I took last year in Vancouver, Canada during my very short stay.

Canada Flag downtown Mapple Leaf

Sadly, I discovered that I didn't take that many photos of the city if not any... I'm blaming the rain. I will post more photos in the next following days - sunny and nature-oriented photos.

mounted police vancouver canada

Welcome to Gastown! (the Historic Vancouver)

gastown Vancouver canada brick wall

Originally the sign on the photo below said "Alife Is Beautiful". Photoshop did the rest to suit my mood better ;-)

vancouver street shop black-and-white

The street above led straight to the Steam Clock, the one big attraction in Gastown. It's pretty cool if you ask me, I'd totally see Sherlock Holmes walking close by. Or maybe it's jst me.

steam clock vancouver gastown

Cute signs and lights.

One rare photo taken in Downtown Vancouver...

Vancouver downtown dog bum


Mostly Lisa said...

Love these picts! The processing looks awesome. It's fun to see other photographers' view of your city. :)

Marilyn M. said...

Thank you :)

Oh it's true you're from Vancouver! Wish I had stayed longer to take more of the city itself!

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