April 23, 2010

Vancouver: Stanley Park and the English Bay

Vancouver part 2: sunny this time! Parks, mountains, animals and sea made my Sunday there one year ago. In other words, lots of nature - the reason that makes Vancouver such a great city to be/live in.

Departure from North Vancouver, waiting for the bus, we had a great view...

View North Vancouver skyline canada

Upon arrival, off to the left to the great Stanley Park!

Stanley Park sign vancouver canada

Seaside sign traffic light vancouver downtownVancouver Harbour boats Canada

Brockton Point Lighthouse Vancouver Canada

The park even contains some Totem poles.

Totem Poles Vancouver Stanley Park Canada

Full view of and from the Brockton Point lighthouse.

View from the Brockton Point Lighthouse Vancouver Canada

Another famous part of the city: The English Bay.

The English Bay Vancouver Canada

Girl sitting on a rock at The English Bay Vancouver, CanadaEnglish Bay view Vancouver Canada

Eventually, I've always had this thing about seeing a raccoon in Canada, first of all because we don't have raccoons in France and second of all because this is the cliché I had about Canada. The Stanley Park made my dream come true :-)

Raccoons park Canada Vancouver


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