June 28, 2010

A Sunday in Aix les Bains [France]

picnic bag set
A family day in Aix Les Bains involved a picnic, betting on horse races for the first time in my life and realizing how boring Casinos can be (and how rich retired people are!).

Casino Aix Les Bains entrance architecture

Fountains casino water

Any way works to dry your clothes!
balcony clothes dry aix les bains

Is this a new type of crosswalk? I've never seen anything like this in any other city in France!
Crosswalk signs road

For the little story, the rider of the horse number 6 fell in the middle of the race but the horse kept going and arrived second!
Horse Race horses

The Eighties at full force with this French cake shop.
Patisserie shop france 80s eighties

More photos to come. Especially since Aix Les Bains has a lake...