July 16, 2010

My poetic butterfly moment

This evening I witnessed the most amazing moment I ever had to experience while sitting in a random empty field. I got surrounded by 4 butterflies, all of them identical, who started to lend on me. My hair, arms, hands, legs, everywhere! But one of them was coming and going, landing always on my right hand. It was pretty much in love with me because it stayed there for 10 mins, then left, came back, landed again on my hand and did all that for more than an hour and a half. At some point I was even typing text messages and writing (and I am RIGHT handed!) with him staying right there, on my hand! Then whenever it would fly away for 1 minute, all I had to do was to put my hand in the air and it would land on it, always on the same spot. It was my new domesticated pet. Amazing... and poetic...

All I had with me was my mobile phone (Sony Ericson C902) and those are the photos I manage to take despite the amount of time I lost with this frustrating phone because I had to delete most of my photos for not having room in it (I don't have a memory card in it), figure out why the macro option wasn't working and what not. I was going crazy over this annoying phone and the frustration of being there alone and not having anyone taping all this! But despite all that, I ended up taking good shots of my new friend since it would let me move my hand without flying away for 30 minutes...

This is how it all started.

But I had to come closer... thank you macro mode!

After 5 minutes of trying to take photos, I could really move without its beautiful-self minding me...

My last shot with it before I had to go.


Life can be pretty amazing, can't it?


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