August 5, 2010

Proposition 8 overturned!

Congratulations California on making this awful Proposition 8 disappear and congratulations to some of my friends there who are gay and can now get married! The fact that Prop 8 even existed was one of the most shocking and incredible mystery to me, especially in a state like California. I’m glad Love won over Hate and Equality over Ignorance. This news deserved a blog post! 
I believe in Equality and for those who know me I never judge anyone, especially when it comes to the color of their skins, their sexuality or their religion... and more.

So, in honor of the gays in California, and because I'm leaving to Paris tomorrow, here is a photo I took two years ago at the Paris Gay Pride. Everyone has at least one gay person around them so why the hate? Moreover, who else than an homosexual can come up with THAT kind of outfit? ;-)

The greatest gay outfit you will ever find

Sadly let's remind ourselves that equality is far from being accepted in other countries and the photo below, taken the same day, is about people marching at the gay Pride to defend homosexuals in Iran who get killed for being gay. Iran is not the only country who uses death penalty, and/or imprisonment, to punish sexual orientation (see the map here).

The sign says no to death penalty by hanging for gay people in Iran.

Gay rights

The photo was a happy accident because I kinda fell while taking it and it did this great effect.


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