September 29, 2010

The Karl Lagerfeld photography exhibition [Paris]

(Copyright Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel)
Last Friday, I went to see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition entitled "Parcours de Travail" at La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris. The talented Karl was not the only one showing in this museum - I especially enjoyed the intense portraits of Koos Breukel and the amazing self-portraits of Kimiko Yoshida (photos below respectively).

However, don't you hate when you are not allowed to take photos in exhibitions? I do. Nevertheless, the frustration became unbearable, and despite the staff repeatedly telling me not to take photos, I had to snap away a few things. Especially the photo below:  the reflection of the neon-like-Karl in his photography, matching perfectly the eye of the model...
I almost thought I was going to get kicked out of the museum twice, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Of course all photos in this post are taken with my compact camera for more discretion.

Karl Lagerfeld exhibition maison européenne de la photographie paris

Two more stolen photos from the museum.

Karl Langerfeld Handwriting

galerie karl lagerfeld entrance exhibition candles

Finally just for fun, here is another version of Karl I played with because a. less quality is lost with black and white files on the Internet and b. I'm bored.

Karl Lagerfeld photo black and white

September 18, 2010

Don't turn your back on me

Taking photos of strangers is always tricky. You don't want them to notice you and they don't really want you to take a photo of them - which I understand. Therefore, I always end up taking a lot of photos of people from their back. I already shared many of them in my previous posts (they are all in a new set on my FlickR) but here are a few more.

Paris metro metropolitan back

House of Parliament London statue tourists

Bum dog taxi Vancouver

Demonstrators policemen London

statue tuileries paris pigeon

Cat ignoring me

children football david villa españa spain soccer team

September 13, 2010

Paris Random #1

Because being organized on this blog has not been my specialty yet, you'll have to put up with regular "Paris Random". I have roughtly two years of photos I could share and don't know how (in an organized way). Except for the last one, those are from September.

Défense d'afficher

Maison Bleue

Double Smart

Madame - Jean Paul Gauthier

=>More photos of Paris

September 1, 2010

Les passages de Paris

Paris has what we call here a lot of "Passages": small tunnels, usually very pretty, that go all way through a big building and lead to a different street. Last time I was there, I did a big tour of probably 20 of them and it was the most amazing experience I had in Paris in a long time.
For those interested, the most famous one is "Le Passage des Panoramas", there's many more around, you can't miss them! If you like old books (or old anything), cute or weird shops and feeling like you're back in the 30's-40's, go visit them!

Le Passage Verdeau


La femme à Paris

Tant qu'il y a du vin

Steal it!

Funny face in Paris

Bonheur des dames Concierge

Old Mickey Poster

Urban S

Passage-1 Passage-2

Versailles and its tourists

I finally went to Versailles and my conclusion was that some tourists like it...

Queen Jack Tourist in Versailles

And some others not...
Sleeping In Versailles

I personally liked the gardens very much. So much, that I barely took worthy photos. Sadly this one photo looks so washed out on the Internet!
Versailles et ses jardins