September 1, 2010

Les passages de Paris

Paris has what we call here a lot of "Passages": small tunnels, usually very pretty, that go all way through a big building and lead to a different street. Last time I was there, I did a big tour of probably 20 of them and it was the most amazing experience I had in Paris in a long time.
For those interested, the most famous one is "Le Passage des Panoramas", there's many more around, you can't miss them! If you like old books (or old anything), cute or weird shops and feeling like you're back in the 30's-40's, go visit them!

Le Passage Verdeau


La femme à Paris

Tant qu'il y a du vin

Steal it!

Funny face in Paris

Bonheur des dames Concierge

Old Mickey Poster

Urban S

Passage-1 Passage-2


Kathryn said...

I'm headed to Paris in a few weeks, e city feels like a second home and I go as often as I can afford to. I prefer to walk and experience the city and people, as supposed to museums and touristy places. I heard about les passages, and I'd love to see them, however I'm having trouble locating them. Is there any guide book or website you recommend to learn more about these passages, and other less known jewels of Paris?


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