October 4, 2010

London part 6: Panorama and randomness

Until next time I go visit the pretty capital, these are the last photographies I wanted to share about London. Way more photos have been posted previously, follow the link.

Panorama london Tate Modern Museum

The photo above is the quickest panorama I ever shot - in something like 6 seconds from the Tate Modern Museum. I like that it looks like an old school postal card thanks to the reflections on the window.

Andy Warhol Street Art London

Carnaby Street sign London

Carnaby Street London

Self-portrait shop window reflection sale

Last, but not least, piece of randomness: the first time that I actually saw pelicans!

Pelicans in a London park

Ps: I love this short-movie and it was shot in London so I thought I would post it too. Copyright by Paul Mignot.



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