December 16, 2010

The desolated beauty of emptiness in Galicia, Spain

The following photos are the closest I could get to expressing the feeling I have whenever I am in Galicia, Spain (where my mother's family is from.) One can only be fascinated by the paradoxical feeling of isolation yet freedom while walking through those pine and eucalyptus forests that are everywhere in this part of the country.

I think you can only enjoy taking long walks in this Kingdom of Emptiness if you are okay with facing who you really are. The silence, smell and ambiance of this place forces you to take a better look at yourself, to breath in and enjoy the moment.

forest galicia spain pine trees

forest galicia spain pine trees road

Ray of light forest galicia spain pine trees road

Along with the feeling of isolation, I always felt like everything was old or abandoned there. It's a difficult thing to explain but I think it's because most houses look old to me due to the fact that their architecture is very different from the French one. Also, I used to think as a kid that only old people could be living there, probably because this place was the symbol of my grandmother, and definitely because it does feel like a place full of wisdom and history. Years later, some feelings don't change; Galicia still has this delicious desolated beauty.

House architecture galicia spain

Crooked Pine Trees, Galicia, Spain Forest of Pine Trees, Spain

Old Blue Door_m2pics


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