March 28, 2011

Shaddows and light in Ojai, California

After my blog post on the shooting locations used for the movie EASY A in Ojai, here are the rest of my photos of what is now one of my favorite places on the planet. It might sound strong to say that because after all Ojai is a small town, but I was transcended by the vibe of this place, especially at Meditation Mountain.
Ojai is indeed a place known for its spiritual retreats and it was really powerful to be there

Meditation mountain in Ojai

door meditation sunset shaddow self-portrait

Sunset Writer

The Path stone sunset

May peace prevail Earth shaddow self-portrait Garden of Peace

Meditation mountain panorama yoga ojai california nature trees

post office ojai california

Signal Street Downtown Ojai shops california

Oak tree moon nature grass

March 13, 2011

Paris random #2

New edition of Paris random since I'm now back in the French capital. Photos from the past week includes Le Louvre and some underground weird but artsy soirée.

Le louvre teenagers black and white sculpture

Angel Louvre sculpture black and white God light

Louvre sculptures back

art painting wall drawing robot sixties

art painting wall drawing robot

FlatteurVille underground paris artsy art bedroom

March 5, 2011

Shooting location: EASY A [movie]

One of my favorite comedies in 2010 was EASY A starring Emma Stone. The movie was surprisingly good. I did not expect liking it so much because I am usually very picky when it comes to movies, especially with comedies.

The whole movie was shot in Ojai, California, so you can imagine my excitement when I spent an afternoon there. As a cinema lover, I always love seeing shooting location. I'll post more photos of Ojai another time; I wanted to do a blog post about the movie first, comparing the location with a  screen capture of the movie.

1. Downtown Ojai

Many scenes take place in the cute but pretty downtown of the city.

Ojai downtown Easy A post office california shooting location

Ojai downtown Easy A sign street shops california shooting location

Playhouse Ojai movie theatre california shooting location Easy A Emma Stone

2. High school

Obviously the main scenes are set in an high school which was renamed  especially for the movie. You can view a video that contains behind-the-scene footage and also shows how they changed the high-school sign for the movie. 

The high school sign Ojai california shooting location Easy A Emma Stone movie

high school Ojai california shooting location Easy A Emma Stone movie
Photo of where they usually walk while chatting in between classes.